Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It's the thought that counts!

Amazing, I have finally finished Max's sweater vest.  I had a lot of challenges along the way, but learned a lot too.  I am ready for more projects for my boy!

I am learning that even though I am not able to spend as much time doing what I love for my children and family,  it's the thought that counts!  I don't get to deliver "loving from the oven" or hugs from my knitting needles and "hand quilted" cuddles the way would would like to, but I give and get real live hugs and kisses from my "petite sweets" every day! ( I count my pups amongst those I hug!)

Regardless of my location, at home or at work, these kids are my love and always have my thoughts, hopes and prayers with them!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

In love with lace

I have a new fascination...wool lace weight yarn!  This phone photo does not do the lovely turquoise blue any justice, it's just so lush.  The pattern is a super easy 8 row repeat.  When it's done it will be a gift for a special young lady I know.

And then who knows....maybe I will make myself one! 


Keep Calm.....

...and carry YARN.  I have to say, just having my knitting nearby makes me hopeful, that will get a moment to do something fun!  I have been doing a bit of crochet here and there, flowers and granny squares.  I am in love with fine fingering weight yarn.  I love the Knit Picks yarn Pallet, it comes in every color imaginable.  I want to do some fair isle knitting but with fresh unexpected colors....we'll see how it many project little time!

Roses and Berries

Lavender's New Dress

Well, I am a working (outside the home!) Mama again.  BUT, I still am determined to carve out time to do what I really LOVE. So, here is one of Lavender's summer dresses.  She asked for a dress with strawberries on it.  Naturally I found fabric with roses and strawberries.  I love the Lakehouse Fabric line, this one is called "Pam Kitty Morning". Not sure why it's called that, but the patterns are so sweet.  She was really excited for the bow in the back. This dress is made for serious twirling!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Cozy Cables

I finally finished a project for me!  I started this a over a year ago (I know, so sad) and got inspired to get it done.  Basically it’s getting cooler out and I want to knit something else without feeling guilty of those WIPs (works in progress for you non knitters!) lurking in the corner.   

This is my first cable project and now I am smitten with cables.  I plan on knitting a poncho for Lavender with baby cables!
I need a maid….so I can knit and sew…..OK just kidding. I will clean up really fast so I can get to the fun stuff!


Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Puppies

My little ones have new “puppies”  I found these designs in my new favorite Magazine Mollie Makes  (I luv it SO MUCH) anyway….

These little guys are just a wee bit larger than your thumb.  Oliver’s pup is the golden colored one, Lavender’s has a bow of course of lavender.They wanted to wear them around their necks as a necklace.

I am sweet on the little dachshund with the red bow.  I mounted it on a pin so I can wear it on a sweater.


I want to make many more of these.  Wouldn’t they look adorable on a head band for Lavender?   Hmmmm ideas are brewing

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

He loves his Sweater!

Oliver asked me for a green sweater. Amazingly I was able to finish it in one month! They both love the camera!

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